IIBA provides business, strategic and information technology services and support to the Inland Imaging companies as well as urban and rural health care providers, multi-specialty clinics, and hospitals throughout Washington and Western Montana. Our Services (departments) include: Accounting, Billing, Contracting, Information Technology (IT), Human Resources and Physician Services.

Executive Leadership

Steve Duvoisin - CEO
Steve Duvoisin
Chief Executive Officer
Kathleen Wilson - COO
Kathleen Wilson
Chief Operations Officer
Cole Hanford - CIO
Cole Hanford
Chief Information Officer
Tavi Lohman
Chief Financial Officer
Sarah Russel - COO/PS
Sarah Russell
Chief Operations Officer Professional Services
Shari Yamane - CHRO
Shari Yamane
Chief Human Resources Officer

Radiology Leadership

Jayson Brower, MD
Jayson Brower , MD
President of Inland Professional Services
Robin Hines, MD
Robin Hines , MD
Medical Staff President SHMC, HFH; PHC Imaging Medical Director
Terri Lewis, MD
Terri Lewis , MD
Vice President of Inland Imaging Professional Services
John Bell, MD
John Bell , MD
President of Inland Investments
Justin Frederick, MD
Justin Frederick , MD
Residency Director